Wien (AT), E9 - "Swobodas go Neustadlau" Implementation

Team: Studio uek - Theresa Krenn (AT), Katharina Urbanek (AT),
Benni Eder (AT), Julia Wieger (AT), Stefanie Nolz (AT)
Client: Wien Holding, Gesiba Gemeinnützige Siedlungs
Und Bauaktiengesellschaft
Competition: 2007
Studies: 2008-10
Implementation: 2011-13

– The housing project itself reacts to the insularity of the periphery: It forms a new island which clearly separates the outside to define an inside. In order to encourage a feeling of identity the whole project is divided into ten individual houses with a specific range of apartment types and common spaces. On the inhabited roof level common areas and pathways are offering a tour over the roofs. To constitute a community of the new residents a participative activation process is accompanying the actual planning and building process.

Implementation – Two Austrian teams were selected to build 2 parts of the area. Studio uek built 171 housing and a geriatric day centre. The 3 parts have some common spaces dedicated to support the small community of the building and to offer possibilities to inhabitants of the whole project. A roof-top-route links the 3 parts offering collective spaces. The participative activation process allowed inhabitants to define the programs for smaller common spaces and they were also involved in the management of the flowerbeds/ garden on the roof. The project was finished and handed over to the inhabitants in Spring 2013.

See the project here


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