Collectif Hyacinthe s’Imagine
Including the 3 teams:
Camille Le Bivic, Florent Vidaling
Diana Levin, Sidonie Bouillerot, Elodie Bru, Francois Ricros
Guillaume Duranel, Frédéric Blaise, Julia Lenoir

Communauté d’Agglomération Roissy Pays de France
City of Goussainville
PUCA (Plan Urbain Construction Architecture)

Competition team
Camille Le Bivic (FR)
Florent Vidaling (FR)

Raphaël Hoyet (FR)
Juliette Touchais (FR)

Europan 13 Goussainville


A support that reinvents and reveals.
While the territory adapts to metropolitan changes, the Vieux Pays of Goussainville remains frozen, unable to use or emancipate the global logics to generate desirable urban conditions. The village suffers from airlines noise, the church thanks to its classification as a historical monument saved it, but most inhabitants left. Today, the new metropolitan and local issues bring the village in a privileged position; the Vieux Pays must reinvent itself.
The project is a shelter, the shelter is a worksite, the worksite is collaboration, collaboration is the project.
The project is a shelter protecting from weather and pollution, as supporting local ambitions and initiatives. The shelter is a worksite, connecting the rehabilitation of a historic heritage to the emergence of a sustainable activity within the Vieux Pays. The worksite is collaboration, where actors arrive beforehand and take part to the everyday life of the village, renovating as well as reactivating. Collaboration is the project: it gathers and reveals spatial, social and economic qualities, it adapts the project to events and time, from then it participates in metropolis metamorphosis.

The 3 projects present common ideas: participation with the inhabitants; development of the patrimonial value; the relation with the river Croult, going through the village. The agglomeration gave a contract to the 3 teams (which gathered in an association named “Yacinthe s’Imagine”) for an urban and programmatic feasibility study, with a participative diagnosis, programmatic scenarios and economic evaluation. Programmatic orientations have re-emerged from the work with the inhabitants: crafts, participatory building site, agriculture, cultural value of the village, lodging of leisure.
A guide plan of Vieux Pays has been developed and validated. “Yacinthe s’Imagine” helped communities to take the project over and organized the pre-operational phase, which allowed some temporary facility.

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