• Europan 8
  • Chalon-sur-Saône
  • runner-up

Gaëlle CUISY (FR)
Karine MARTIN (FR)
Anthony BROOK (FR)

Following the stream


The project is based on a system of irrigation ways following two directions.

The first is a natural link between the historical town centre and the quayside walk by means of a play of moving grounds to awaken the sleeping port. The second direction is given by lifting the ground of the port and transforming it into buildings.  The choice of implanting construction from the river towards the lake is implemented on the principle of flexible fanned-out weaving, so offering multiple perspectives, with green and mineral public spaces finely differentiated in their scales and functions. With this oriented cutting-out of the ground is incorporated a cross-sectional division of built strips, in which each urban segment hosts a variety of housing typologies and activities. As a protection from the industrial plots still in action, the boundaries of the operational perimeter are designed as fringes of vegetation.



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