Wien (AT)


Project Scales L/S - Urban and architectural

Location City of Wien, Liesing, Perfektastrasse

Population 1,840,000 inhab.

Strategic site 6.85 ha – Project site 2.8 ha

Site proposed by City of Wien and Site Developer

Actors involved City of Wien and Site Developer

Owners of the site Erste Group Immorent

Post-competition phase Follow-up-step towards arch. implementation

Team representative Architect, urban planner

More Information

How can the site contribute to the productive city?

Liesing is unique: not only as a district with 3 Europan implementations (E7, E8 and E10), but also because of its durable and successful efforts: Liesing systematically promotes a new industrial-city, introducing landscape, public space and innovative synergy of uses in midst Vienna's largest industrial district. The project site itself is exceptional: just a 3-minute-walk from the subway stop. Exceptional is also the ambition: The city and the site developer want to initiate together a pilot project of mixed businesses, which shall exploit potential synergies in a new setting of inventive typologies. Exceptional is finally the background of innovation: a programmatic masterplan and an experimental case-study have prepared a perfect ground for Europan, taking the next step towards architectural implementation.

City strategy

Facing its high growth of inhabitants Wien has been developing an ambitious plan to preserve, support and promote productive working places in the city. The Industrial Area Liesing is the city's largest productive area with more than 7,000 working places. Since 2011 a neighbourhood management scheme has been supporting the area's development, aiming at unique options for synergies between businesses, supportive infrastructure, ambitious newcomers, and, above all, the development of an "industrial city": the integration of sustainable mobility, public spaces and new types of buildings shall create new synergies between low-rise production and stacked forms of productive businesses with a higher density of workplaces. Europan shall be the pilot for this ambition.

Site definition 

Being located directly at Perfektastraße, just 3 minutes from the subway stop, the site profits from a triple advantage: first, excellent accessibility, as well for heavy traffic (trucks) as for soft mobility (pedestrians, bikes, subway stop); second, extraordinary ambition, as well from part of the city as from the site-developer, making the site a pilot to promote the idea of the industrial city; third, a unique history, integrating the site in the largest industrial area, hosting a large amount of innovative companies. Existing buildings and uses on site partly could be integrated in the new development, transforming the low-rise setting of shed-buildings into a new configuration of types, stacking and clustering uses. The unattractive use of outdoor space as pure storage and manipulation-area shall be reconsidered.

How is Production Considered in the Urban Diversity Program?

Instead of mixing industry with housing, it is about a "magical mix" of businesses: to mix different forms of production, education and services that could especially profit from exchanging knowledge, synergy of skills and facilities for work and recreation. A step-by-step strategy shall consider how to replace, or partly integrate the existing buildings.
The main challenge is to create an "incentive environment": the performance and character of the spatial setting shall support the city's and developer's promotion-strategy, attracting new businesses by new options for various kind of synergies. The links between different scales of production, technology and knowledge has been strongly developing. The site's conditions are perfect for welcoming a synergetic cluster of different types of working-models, which promote interaction and sharing. The model of a business-park could be intensified in form of a micro-business-cluster, in which urban framework, typological intelligence, supportive monitoring and exceptional promotion can finally come together. Following the strategic-master-concept Standpunkt Liesing and the case-study Lab-Liesing, Europan is the third cornerstone of a gradually concretizing implementation plan. As such, Europan shall deliver an urban-architectural strategy, which creates a spatial framework -a receptive figure- for Wien's extraordinary ambitions, giving birth to Productive City Liesing.



Questions on the site

in which drawing are the sub plots of the project site (ABCDE) marked?

Sub plots are marked in the files: “AT-WIEN-PS-M3.dxf” and “AT-WIEN-PS-M4.pdf” uploaded on the 11.04.17.

Regarding the project site, which are the subareas ABCDE? Also, the previous work done by Lab Liesing needs to be respected, does that mean the building footprint developed by them needs to remain the same or can the building footprint within the project site change? Thanks

For the partition of the project site into the subareas ABCD please check the files: “AT-WIEN-PS-M3.dxf” and “AT-WIEN-PS-M4.pdf” uploaded on the 11.04.17.
The Lab Liesing was a previous step in defining urban parameters of the area along the Perfektastrasse. Whereas the compulsory building edge developed during this phase is valid and has to be respected for the competition (to be found in “AT-WIEN-PS-M3.dxf” and “AT-WIEN-PS-M4.pdf”), the building footprints on the project site are not valid anymore and have to be developed by the participants of the Europan according the demands presented in the Full-Site-File.

On the brief it is mentioned the site is subdivided in 5 areas. When will the plan with parameters be updated?

Sub plots are marked in the files: “AT-WIEN-PS-M3.dxf” and “AT-WIEN-PS-M4.pdf” uploaded on the 11.04.17.

When will the information about development parameters for the integration of Astrotech be updated?

Information to be respected regarding plot C (formerly: Astrotech/now: D-Nov) can be found in the file: “AT-WIEN-PS-M9.pdf” uploaded on the 26.04.17.

Regarding the entrée design, does the urban space have to be exactly like that proposed on page 16 of AT-WIEN-PS-M6?

Page 16 of the file:” AT-WIEN-PS-M6.pdf” shows one possible scenario which was imagined earlier for the entrée area. Rather than a copy of this scenario we ask for your proposal to enhance the quality of the public space at the entrée and along the Perfektastrasse. Please keep in mind to respect the compulsory building edge to be found in “AT-WIEN-PS-M3.dxf” and “AT-WIEN-PS-M4.pdf”. For more detailed information on the task on the entrée design please refer to the paragraph “1. Design of the Entrée as the public welcome-space of the area” on page 35 in the Full-Site-File.

Which is the Gross Floor Area for part/phase C of the plot?

There is no fixed GFA for plot C, for further information please refer to the file: “AT-WIEN-PS-M9.pdf” uploaded on the 26.04.17.

Regarding underground parking of the project site, is it part of the area calculated or excluded from the total area calculation?

The underground parking area is excluded from the total area calculation.

Must the access route to Abbott have two lanes meaning that it is has to provide traffic in two directions? Or is it possible to make a oneway road? If so, can the direction be chosen freely?

The access route to Abbott is a one-lane-route. Cars enter and leave the project area as shown in "AT-WIEN-PS-M4.pdf".

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