Composition of the Juries

Each country sets up a jury, whose members are appointed by the national structure and approved by the European Europan Association.
The jury considers all the projects that comply with the competition rules. Its judgement is final. In the event of non-compliance with the rules, it has discretion whether or not to disqualify the entrant.
According to the country, the jury consists of 7 (or 9) independent members with no relation to a site proposed to the competition and is constituted as follows:

- 2 representatives of the urban order –or 3 in case of a 9-member jury;
- 4 representatives of the architectural and urban design (architects, landscapers, urban planners) –or 5 in case of a 9-member jury–, among which at least 2 architects;
- 1 public figure.

At least 2 out of the 7 members must be foreigners –at least 3 in the case of a 9-member jury. The national structure also appoints at least 2 substitute jury members, representatives of the architectural and urban design.
Jury members may consult city and site representatives, but on no account may the latter have voting rights for the final selection of winners, runners-up and special mentions.

Structure of the juries

The jury’s decisions are final in compliance with the Europan rules. Before beginning to work the jury receives recommendations from the European Association.

The jury meets in 2 separate sessions at different times:

First round – At the beginning of this session, the jury appoints one of its members as chairman and agrees on its working method. Sites representatives can be integrated to this jury level and, in some countries, may participate to the selection of the shortlisted projects.
The jury then studies the projects that do not comply with the rules and decide whether or not to disqualify them.
It later on assesses the projects on their conceptual content and the degree of innovation according to the Europan 16 topic and shortlists 20% maximum of the submitted projects.

Second round – During the second round, the jury examines –on its own and independently– the shortlisted projects and points out the winners, runners-up and special mentions. The jury could assess the projects on basis of: the relationship between concept and site; the relevance to the questions raised by the topic and in particular to the issues of sustainable development and adaptability; the relevance of their programme to the general brief for their specific site; the potential for integration into a complex urban process; the innovative nature of the proposed public spaces; the consideration given to the connection between different functions; the architectural and technical qualities.
The jury finally writes a report giving the reasons for the choice made in relation to the requirements of the competition and the concerned sites.

Each country budget includes the equivalent of a Winner’s and a Runner-Up’s prize per site. Still, each entry is judged on its sole merits and the winning teams are not chosen on basis of an equal distribution between sites – the jury can therefore distribute prizes among entries up to its will or decide not to award all the prizes. In this case, the reasons shall be made public.
The jury may single out projects for Special Mention. These projects are recognised by the jury as presenting innovative ideas or insights, yet not sufficiently suitable for the site. The authors of such projects do not receive any reward.
If disqualified after validation of participation a prize-winning project may be replaced by another project if the quality is satisfactory

Disclosure of Names

The projects assessed by the experts and juries are anonymous.
Once the decision of results is taken, the jury reveals the names of the winners, runners-up and special mentions. This operation is done through the European database, which automatically links the codes of the projects and composition of teams.

Results Announcement

After disclosure of the names of the winning teams and following any adjustments to rankings that may prove necessary, the national secretariats ratify the decisions and disclose the names of all the participants.

The European secretariat publishes the complete list of results online on December 13th, 2021.


Hardwin Dewever (BE)
Director of the Urban Renewal Projects division at Municipal company AG Vespa, Antwerpen (BE) - ag vespa

Valérie Depaye (BE)
Director ERIGES (Régie Communale Autonome de Seraing), (BE) - ERIGES

Nel Vandevanet (BE)
Project Director of the Architectural and artistic heritage department, City of Brussels (BE)


Carlos Arroyo (ES)
Architect, urbanist, teacher, Carlos Arroyo Architects, Madrid (ES) - www.carlosarroyo.net

Pol Esteve (ES)
Architect, GOIG office, London (UK) & Madrid (ES)

Lisa De Visscher (BE)
Architect, Head redactor of A+ Architecture, Brussels (BE) - A+ Architecture

Philippe Rahm (CH)
Architect, Philippe Rham Architects, Paris (FR) -  www.philipperahm.com

Laura Falcone (IT)
Architect, 2D4, Napoli (IT) - E11 Winner - www.2d4.eu


Eric Corijn (BE)
Cultural philosopher and social scientist, Director of the Brussels Academy (BE)


Radim Louda (CZ)
Architect, Central Office for Architecture and Urbanism, Brussels (BE) - E13 winner - www.central-net.eu


Timo Munzinger (DE)
Doctor, German Association of Cities - www.staedtetag.de/english

Iris Reuther (DE)
Doctor, Professsor, Senate Building Director of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen - Iris Reuther

Karin Sandeck (DE)
Bavarian State Ministry of Housing, Building and Transport, Munich (DE)


Stéphanie Bru (FR)
Architect, Bruther Architectes, Paris (FR) - www.bam.archi

Julia Dahlhaus (DE)
Architect, DMSW architektur und landschaft Berlin (DE) - www.dmsw.de

Agnes Förster (DE)
Professor, Doctor, Chair for Planning Theory and Urban Development, RWTH Aachen (DE) - Agnes Förster

Kyung-Ae Kim (…)
Architect, Kim Nalleberg architects, Berlin (DE) - www.kimnalleweg.com

Anna Popelka (AT)
Architect, PPAG architects, Vienna (AT) - www.ppag.at


Kaye Geipel (DE)
Architectural critic, Deputy Editor-in-chief Bauwelt, Berlin (DE) - BAUWELT


Saskia Hebert (DE)
Architect, subsolar* architektur & stadtforschung - www.subsolar.net

Thorsten Erl (DE)
Doctor, professor, architect, Metris Architekten + Stadtplaner, Heidelberg (DE) - www.metris-architekten.de


Iñaqui Carnicero (ES)
General Director of Urban Agenda and Architecture, Ministry of Transports, Mobility and Urban Agenda (ES) - EUROPAN España President - Iñaqui Carnicero

Rocío Peña (ES)
Architect, estudio peña ganchegui, San Sebastian (ES) - www.ganchegui.com

Niek Hazendonk (NL)
Landscape Architect, Den Haag (NL)


Eva Luque (ES)
Architect, elap arquitectos ingenieros slp, teacher, Almería (ES) - www.elap.es

Enrique Krahe (ES)
Architect, Enrique Krahe architecture species, Madrid (ES) / Delft (NL) - Former Europan winner in Spain - www.enriquekrahe.com

Mariona Benedito (ES)
Architect, landscape architect, teacher, MIM-Arquitectes, Barcelona (ES) - www.mim-a.com

Tina Gregoric (SL)
Architect, Dekleva Gregoric Architects, Ljubljana (SL) - www.dekleva-gregoric.com

Arantza Ozaeta (ES)
Architect, tallerde2, Madrid (ES) - Former Europan winner in Spain - www.tallerde2.com


Socrates Stratis (CY)
Architect, urbanist, Associate Professor at the University of Cyprus, Nicosia (CY) - www.socratesstratis.com


Carles Enrich (ES)
Architect, Barcelona (ES) - Former Europan winner E12, E13, E14, E15 - www.carlesenrich.com


Nicolas Binet (FR)
Consultant urban renewal, housing, planning, Marseille (FR) - www.linkedin.com/Nicolas Binet

Jean-Baptiste Butlen (FR)
Chief Engineer of bridges, water and forests, Deputy Director of the DGALN, DHUP, Paris (FR) - www.ecologie.gouv.fr

Sophie Rosso (FR)
Deputy Director of REDMAN immobilier, Paris (FR) - www.redman.fr


Sophie Delhay (FR)
Architect, Paris (FR) - www.sophie-delhay-architecte.fr

André Kempe (NL)
Architect, Atelier Kempe Thill, Rotterdam (NL) - www.atelierkempethill.com

Sonia Lavadinho (CH)
Urbanist, anthropologist, blfuid, Genève (CH) - www.bfluid.com

Clara Loukkal (FR)
Landscape architect and urbanist, altitude 35, Saint-Denis - (FR) www.altitude35.com

Caterina Tiazzoldi (IT)
Architect, designer, Turin (IT) - www.archinect.com/tiazzoldi


Francis Rambert (FR)
Director of the architectural creation, Cité de l’architeture & du patrimoine, Paris (FR) - www.citedelarchitecture.fr


Fabienne Boudon (FR)
Architect and urbanist, teacher, co-founder of Particules, Paris/Berlin (FR/DE) - www.particule-s.eu

Vincent Josso (FR)
Polytechnic engineer, urbanist, co-founder of Le Sens de la Ville, Paris (FR) - www.lesensdelaville.com


Vittorio Brignardello (IT)
Director of the Territorial Planning Department, City of Verbania (IT) - www.comune.verbania.it

Giovanni Squitieri (IT)
Coordinator of the Presidential Committee of the Sustainable Development Foundation, Roma (IT) - www.fondazionesvilupposostenibile.org


Jordi Bellmunt (ES)
Architect, landscape and public space design, B2B, Barcelona (ES) - www.b2barq.com

Christine Dalnoky (FR)
Landscape architect, educator and researcher, L’Isle sur la Sorgue (FR)

Edoardo Milesi (IT)
Architect, Archos, Montalcino (IT) - www.archos.it

Guendalina Salimei (IT)
Architect, T-Studio, associate professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Sapienza - University of Roma (IT) - www.tstudio.net


Maurizio Carta (IT)
Urban planner, architect, full professor of urban planning at the Department of Architecture - University of Palermo (IT) - www1.unipa.it/maurizio.carta


Simona Ferrari (IT)
Architect, scientific assistant ETHZ, Zurich (CH) - E15 winner in Verbania (IT) - www.landscapeinbetween.com

Caterina Rigo (IT)
Architect, PhD student and research fellow on strategies design issues for the revitalization of territories at UnivPM, Ancona (IT) - E15 special mention in Laterza (IT)


Berit Skarholt (NO)
Deputy Director in the Department for Planning, Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation (KMD)

Aga Skorupga (PL)
Professor, social psychologist, head of social science at Rodeo Architects, Oslo (NO) - www.rodeo-arkitekter.no


Øystein (NO)
Architect, Transboders studio, Oslo (NO) - www.transborderstudio.com

Henri Bava (FR)
Landscape architect, TER office, chairman of the Landscape Architecture Department at K.I.T., Paris (FR) - www.agenceter.com

Sabine Müller (DE) Architect, SMAQ Architecture Urbansim and Research, Berlin (DE), Professor at Oslo School of Architecture, Oslo (NO) - SMAQ Architecture Urbanism and Research

Nina Lundvall (SE)
Architect, Caruso St John Architects associate director, London (UK) - www.carusostjohn.com


Wenche Dramstad (NO)
Researcher at NIBIO, Head of Research in the Landscape Monitoring Department - www.nibio.no


Linn Runeson (SE)
Architect, urbanist, managing director at edit AS - www.edit.land

Joakim Skajaa (NO)
MNAL architect, SKAJAA Arkitektkontor, curator of contemporary architecture at the National Museum, Oslo (NO) - www.skajaa.com


Andreas Hofer (CH)
Architect, director of IBA‘27, Stuttgart (DE) - www.iba27.de/en/team/andreas-hofer-3/

Elisabeth Merk (DE)
Architect, Planning Director of the City of Munich, honorary Prof. at the TUMunich (DE) - https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elisabeth_Merk


Susanne Eliasson (FR/SE)
Architect, Grau strudio, Paris (FR) - www.grau-net.com

Akil Scafe-Smith (UK)
Architecte, RESOLVE, researcher at LSE Cities - www.resolvecollective.com

Paola Vigano (IT)
Architect, urbanist, Studio Paola Vigano, Milan (IT); Professor in Urban Design at the EPFL Lausanne (CH) and at IUAV Venice (IT) - www.studiopaolavigano.eu

Bernd Vlay (AT)
Architect, StudioVlayStreeruwitz, teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (AT) - www.vlst.at


Elke Krasny (AT)
Cultural theorist, curator, urbanist, author, PhD, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna (AT) - www.elkekrasny.at


Benni Eder (AT)
Architect, studio Eder Krenn, teacher at TU Vienna (AT), E13 winner in Linz (AT) - www.studioederkrenn.com

Daniela Herold (AT)
Architect, THuM ateliers, Linz (AT), E7 winner in Salzburg (AT) - www.thum.co.at


Ariane Widmer Pham (CH)
Architect-urban planner, State of Geneva urban planner (CH)

Claudia Bauersachs (CH)
Director Plannification and bulding at Wohnen & Mehr, Basel (CH) - www.wohnen-mehr.ch

Ola Söderström (SE)
Professor of Social and Cultural Geography, University of Neuchâtel (CH) - www.unine.ch


Mireille Adam Bonnet (CH)
Architect, Atelier Bonnet, Geneva (CH) - www.bonnet-architectes.ch

Laurent Dutheil (CH)
Mobility engineer, Transitec, Lausanne (CH) www.transitec.net

Sarah Haubner (DE)
Architect, Office Oblique, Zürich (CH), E14 winner in Kriens (CH) - www.officeoblique.com

Mathias Heinz (AT)
Architect, Pool Architekten, Zürich (CH) - www.poolarch.ch

Lukas Schweingruber (CH)
Landscape architect, Studio Vulkan, Zürich (CH) www.studiovulkan.ch


Frédéric Bonnet (FR)
Architect urban planner, Obras, Paris (FR) - www.obras.fr


Barbara Stettler (CH)
Architect, SIA internal Affairs department, Biel (CH) - www.sia.ch

Yony Santos (CH)
Architect, Typicaloffice, E13 winner, Genève (CH) - www.typicaloffice.ch


Tina Saaby (DK)
Architect urbanist, City architect of Gladsaxe (DK) - https://twitter.com/tinasaaby

Jessica Segerlund (SE)
Art curator, Head of place development at Älvstranden, Göteborg (SE) - https://alvstranden.com/


Bengt Isling (SE)
Landscape architect, Nyréns arkitektkontor, Stockholm (SE) - www.nyrens.se

Karing Bradley (SE)
Associate professor urban planning and environment at the KHT, Stockholm (SE) - www.kth.se/en/som

Anna Chavepayre (FR)
Architect, Collectif Encore, Labastide Villefranche (FR) - www.collectifencore.com

Ted Schauman (FI)
Architect urbanist, Schauman & Nordgren Architects, Helsinki (FI) - www.schauman-nordgren.com


Christer Larsson (SE)
Architect, Adjunct Professor at Lund University, Malmö (SE) - Christer Larsson


Björn Förstberg (SE)
Architect, F**L architecture and design, Malmö (SE), E15 Winner in Helsingborg (SE) - www.forstbergling.com

Tove Fogelström (SE)
Architect, AndrénFogelström, Stockholm (SE), E15 Winner in Täby (SE) - www.andrenfogelstrom.se