Klagenfurt (AT)

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Klagenfurt (AT)

Scale L urban and architectural
Team representative urbanist & architect
Location Klagenfurt, Austria
Population 101,403 inhabitants
Strategic site 66.4 ha - Project site 6.4 ha

Site proposed by City of Klagenfurt
Actors involved City of Klagenfurt, Stadtwerke Klagenfurt, KMBGmbh, Autowelt Sintschnig, Chamber of Commerce
Owner(s) of the site Stadtwerke Klagenfurt, KMBGmbh, Autowelt Sintschnig, Chamber of Commerce

Commission after competition urban development plan as base for further steps. Possible involvement in architectural implementations in succession

More Information

Urban City Strategy

Klagenfurt is the southernmost regional capital of Austria, on the shores of a large lake. Paired with a continental climate – hot summers and cold winters – it is a popular destination for sports and tourism. For Europan 16 Klagenfurt offers its most important site in the city today. Within the next five years a new trans-European high-speed rail infrastructure will bring another dimension of connectivity to the city. A missing link along the expansive Baltic-Adriatic corridor will be closed and Klagenfurt will become one of the stops on this route. The E16 site is at the core of this prospect, located next to the main station. New possibilities will derive from this endeavour generating an urban transformation process in the greater area. The E16 site will be its first cornerstone with the potential to ground this unique opportunity. It will serve as a pilot project and will set the frame for a future development – expectations are high! …

Site Definition

The site is situated between the city centre and the railway station, both only a stone’s throw away. One could say between the buzz of arrivals & departures and the buzz of a centre inviting to stay. Wedged between these particularities, the site can be interpreted as an inter- face that takes advantage of these dynamic places. Embedded in a context of educational institutions and administrative services, it is a prime location for a diverse mix of uses, serving this particular neigh- bourhood. Combined with a range of housing and making use of the nearby mobility hub, the ambi- tion is to establish a well-connec- ted, pedestrian-friendly, and open quarter

How Must Metabolism and Inclusivity Be Developped and Connected?

Accessible and just infrastructure is a key element to enhance exchange and join a network of broadening (personal & economic) choices. The new high-speed infrastructure serves as the trigger for this development, attracting different groups of people both from the town and from further afield. Thus, the site bears the potential of becoming a melting pot of ideas with open exchange being its driving force.
The social composition of the area will be vital. Culture and a maker space are anchored on site already. Numerous schools, (re-)training centres and semi- public institutions are located in the neighbourhood, bringing the topic of “new learning” and “new apprenticeship” to the table. How can learning become multi-dimensional thereby including all its audiences across professions & age and its related uses? What does a spatial expression operating in a synergetic mode for working, living, making, learning, exchanging, and enjoying look like? The quarter asks for typologies where all this can happen simultaneously, where generations and cultures can take care of each other, where spaces can be shared according to current needs and where mentors and mentees can interact.
With travel time reduced dramatically, Klagenfurt will be put on the map for people who value living in healthy surroundings with nature, education, and culture, and at the same time see the chance to have interesting work prospects close by. The site’s central location clearly prioritizes pedestrians and slow traffic and invites green strategies with as much open soil as possible. Paired with its commitment to openness and exchange the E16 site is setting the scene for a quarter inviting and accessible to all with parameters working to- wards a context of an inclusive manner.

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Transforming from the Infrastructures

On these sites, the impetus for the transformation comes from the territory and from the use of all the resources (natural, ecological, infrastructural) to regenerate them.
Here, the starter for a change is the evolution of the networks integrating a new logic of mobility.

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General aerial oblique view
General aerial oblique view
Corner Southwest view towards West
Remise South view toward East
Remise South view towards North
Corner North view towards East