Projet-Process Video - E10 Wien (AT) Garten>HOF

arenas basabe palacios (ES)

Architects: arenas basabe palacios, Madrid (ES) - https://arenasbasabepalacios.com
Client: City of Vienna, MA 21 Office + ARE (austrian real estate gmbh) - https://www.are.at

This video has been produced by Europan Europe and made by jmage on the occasion of the E15/E16 virtual Inter-sessions forum, held in January 2021.

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Garten>HOF: A grid of gardens with a diversity of architectures

arenas basabe palacios won Europan 10 competition in Vienna in 2009. They imagined a strict grid of gardens around which a multiplicity of densities, typologies and architectures can be developed
They spent 10 years working on a collaborative process involving the city, clients, landscapers, architects, inhabitants... The result is a new dynamic neighbourhood of 10ha welcoming 1000 homes with services and facilities. The team coordinates the urban project and have been contracted for 82 housing units arranged in 11 building blocks of different sizes. Completion planned by the end of 2021.

This video is produced by Europan Europe and has been made by ©jmage, Paris (FR)