Projet-Process Video – E14 Besançon (FR) Jurassic Parks

Altitude 35

Architects: Altitude 35, Paris (FR) - www.altitude35.com
Clients: City of Besançon, Grand Besançon Métropole - www.grandbesancon.fr

This video has been produced by Europan Europe and made by jmage on the occasion of the E15/E16 virtual Inter-sessions forum, held in January 2021.

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Jurassic Parks

Altitude 35 won Europan 14 competition in Besançon in 2017. They imagined a strategy of transforming public spaces based on the specificities of karst topography to articulate the campus of La Bouloie with the Technopole Temis and openning it to the city centre. This figure of landscaped reconnection, allowed to the institutional leaders deployed (Politicians, University, Technopole) to federate.
This negotiated project was then transformed into a territorial guide-plan more specific projects of public spaces and landscapes implemented over time.

This video is produced by Europan Europe and has been made by jmage, Paris (FR)