E16 Portraits - An Atlas of Rituals

Bitonto (IT) - Mentionné

An Atlas of Rituals

Associés : Carlos Zarco Sanz (ES), Zuhal Kol (TR) – architectes urbanistes
Collaborateurs : Berna Yaylali (TR) – architecte paysagiste, Zeynep Kuheylan (TR) – architecte, Ozan Sen (TR) – architecte urbaniste

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"Interpreting the connection between heritage and nature through exploring Olive Tree’s existence in Bitonto, the project proposes a ‘process-driven’ design approach, and probes instigating a new form of “connectedness” through a framework that revolves around the cyclical rituals of olive to enable dynamic coexistence of socio-ecological/cultural/economic mutations. All layers of connectivity and all rituals are harmonized with each other through the processes of olive; and within this multilayered framework, the layers of connection become trails of rituals while the squares, stations of these rituals."