E16 Portraits - Barrejant Colònia Sedó

Esparreguera (ES) - Special Mention

Barrejant Colònia Sedó

Associés : Javier Rocamonde (ES) Natalia Alvaredo (ES) – architect-urbanists
Collaborateur : Sergio Fabian Sanchez (ES) – mechanical engineer

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"Textile colonies, at least in this context, were conceived as enclosures as isolated as possible from their surroundings. Although we know that this cannot be understood literally, as the colonies also needed to establish territorial links. Whatever, the crisis that has hit the Llobregat textile colonies, especially from the last third of the last century (leading many of them to close), has shown that the model of isolated enclaves is no longer viable. We believe that merging systems, domains and functions to boost synergies, could be key aspects to achieve metabolisms that tend to close cycles and generate inclusive and living milieus."