E16 Portraits - More-Than-Farming Madrid

Madrid (ES) - Lauréat

More-Than-Farming Madrid

Associés : Diego Martín Sánchez (ES) Noemí Gómez Lobo (ES) – architects
Collaborateurs : Yoko Kihara (JP) Jianghang Jiang (CN) – students in architecture

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Team Portrait

"The question posed by Madrid was how to implement urban agriculture in various available plots. We thought about the enormous potential of this practice and its transforming capacity in all the living beings who inhabit the city, not only humans.  A single garden can change the life of a person. Farming can change life in the city. Urban agriculture, as caring practice, is capable of repairing ecosystems, strengthening local food supplies and constructing commons. But it must overcome an anthropocentric vision, promoting a symbiotic metabolism that enhances biodiversity. It needs to be more-than-farming."