E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Permacultures Urbaines

Angers (FR) - Special Mention

Team Representative: David Palussière (FR) – architect
Associate: Camille Tréchot-Jasnault (FR) – architect  

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C. Tréchot-Jasnault & D. Palussière

Before producing anything, we think it is important to produce "meaning" and rather create an atmosphere that can handle diverse and meaningful activities. This was the starting point of our project. Our aim was first to fuel the urban future with the right vocabulary. Angers wants to be a pioneer "green" city ; therefore, we wanted to explore recent innovative agricultural practices. One of these innovative practice is permaculture. It is a deliberately positive approach to environnemental question, an approach that generates hope in the future, without any moral or catastrophist injunctions. We considered the area of Saint Serge Nord as a space where soils are depleting, getting poorer and poorer. We think that this commercial area is in the same condition, as intensive agriculture is nowadays : soils are getting sterile and there is a need to enrich this precious ground spaces. We want to make productive and commercial activities more diverse and richer, on grounds, roofs, surroundings.  

Masterplan and strategic axis
A sweet commercial aea

Diverse and densified building typologies
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