E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Cultivating the City, or the Lessons from the Worm

Amiens (FR) - Winner

Team Representative: Adèle Ribuot (FR) – landscaper Associates: Agnés Jacquin (FR), Antoine Gabillon (FR), Charlotte Rozier (FR), Cléo Borzykowski (FR) – landscapers; Laura Castagné (FR) - architect

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A. Ribuot, C. Rozier, A. Jacquin, A. Gabillon, C. Borzykowski & L. Castagné

We answered the question through the creation of bounds between landscape and productive activities. To us, the Montières area is the result of an economic model that failed, mostly due to the fact that the physical and cultural contexts were not taken into account. 
We chose to work on the soil as it is a resource that is under-estimated: today cities use it as a surface on which they lie on, but soil is actually involved in many urban metabolic processes as different as food or space production. 
We decided to see the territory as a garden, a space in which everything is connected especially to (or through) the soil. It can give an answer to the social, economic and ecological challenges and give a new role to productive activities.


Perspective of the project
Productive layers in Montières

Gardening Montières, activating the worm tools
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