E14 Winning Teams Portraits/Interviews

Bouwen in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Sluisbuurt (NL) - Runner up

Team Representative: Reinier Suurenbroek (NL) – architect Associate: Meijer Timmerman Thijssen (NL) - architect

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R. Suurenbroek & M. Timmerman Thijssen

Our competition entry is based on two beliefs we hold: 
- Building is a local and specific act, 
- In a city with the most fitting building typology that will survive over time.
Our competition entry is an investigation into the act of building in Amsterdam. An investigation in how to build new pieces of a city where streets and buildings will come alive and remain alive as they accommodate change over time. By proposing generously proportioned spaces and a variety of connections between interiors and the public realm we allow different and unforeseen activities to appear. An urban condition emerges fostering and stimulating productivity.


Perspective of the project
Bouwen in Amsterdam: programming

Axonometric view
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