E16 Portraits - 5 Squares of New Learning

Klagenfurt (AT) - Winner

5 Squares of New Learning

Associates: Dmitrii Prikhodko (RU), Artem Kitaev (RU), Leonid Slonimskiy (RU) – architect urbanists
Contributor: Grigori Parfjonov (EE) – urban mobility expert, Lavrenty Cheltsov (RU), Diliara Nurislamova (RU), Semen Selyutin (RU) – students in architecture

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"Instead of focusing on only architecture, we have proposed an enfilade of sequential public spaces/plazas which activate the whole site, let people interact and be together, and therefore, create a truly “Living City”. These open spaces should be a frame or a background for people to spend their free time or work; play or study; relax or be active; meet each other or be with themselves."