E16 Portraits - Along the green river

Bitonto (IT) - Special Mention

Along the green river

Associates: Gianluca Masiero (IT), Andrea Pizzini (IT), Elena Calafati (IT) – architect urbanists, Mattia Chinellato (IT) – architect

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"The project proposes a long-term vision for the territory of Bitonto through the continuity of the Lama Balice, an often neglected but nevertheless still present territorial figure. The green river, as we have conceived the Lama, becomes a collector of biodiversity and a natural infrastructure able to reconnect the three urban squares with each other and with the main richness of this region, the olive groves. The squares therefore become the starting points for imagining a sequence of public spaces which enter into the agricultural land, reinforcing social and productive practices as well as the natural structures and their ecosystems. These elements compose the vision of the territory of Bitonto as an extended park."