E16 Portraits - Architecture Center for regenerative materials

Brussels (BE) - Winner

Architecture Center for regenerative materials

Associates: Corentin Dalon (FR), Florian Mahieu (BE), Charles Palliez (BE) – architects

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"When we started experimenting around the mycelium, we tried to understand how the material works. This is a very specific material.  The mycelium, is the root network of the fungus. This has huge stakes in reducing the impact of construction. It is living matter, which works by proliferation. In fact, unlike most other construction materials that work with a binder whose production requires excavation, cooking and whose setting is chemical and irreversible, the mycelium works as a growing network. From a cloned cell, the mycelium is inoculated into a sterilized plant substrate, hemp, within a mould in which the shape and growing conditions are controlled. So, this would be the first link with the session topic, talking about a Living material, to build the Living city."