E16 Portraits - Cardo

Aulnat (FR) - Special Mention


Associates: Clément Bertin (FR), Sara Impera (IT), Martin Kermel (FR) – architects, Giulia Pignocchi (IT), Julien Truglas (FR) – landscape designers
Contributor: Nicolas Durand (FR) – architectural visualization

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"The project proposal relies on the activation of urban dynamics involving a series of actions with limited new permanent ground occupations. The project aims to implement a series of actions to activate a new urban dynamic. The first one insists on the need to make the entrance to the city an intermediary urban place and literally, a signal: the new Aulnat station becomes an exchange platform between the territory, Aulnat and the Airport. As an interchange of various flows, but also a place shared by multiple activities, the large hall covered by a sloping garden becomes a new hyperactive core of the city entrance, linking the new urban development and the existing to the territory of the large scale."