E16 Portraits - Deconfining the colony

Esparreguera (ES) - Winner

Deconfining the colony

Associates: Iago Pineda (ES), Andrea Las Hayas (ES) – architects
Contributors: Raquel Mirón (ES), Tomás Cáceres (AR) – architects

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"We believe that the original segregated model in the colony where productive facilities (working) were completely apart from the residential area (living) contributed to lead the colony into decline, especially after the main industrial activity ceased in 1978 and the main and only owner left the site. A new model in which work is no longer seen as a way of earning money for living, but instead as a way in which work itself contributes to the regeneration of the colony and its environment, while being part of a healthier and more self-sufficient model for its inhabitants, could be a more attractive and sustainable living model in this unique context."