E16 Portraits - Dour, Koad, Ker

Quimper (FR) - Special Mention

Dour, Koad, Ker

Associates: Claire Roy (FR) – architect, Elisabeth Boscher (FR) – architect-urbanist, Adélie Collard (FR) – architect-engineer

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"The living is characterized by movement, both in time and space. According to this first entry, our project is defined along three temporalities specific to the site: the tide, the unstable time linked to the climatic hazards; the day, short and recurring time of the daily life, the seasons, time of both human and natural constructions. These cycles reflect the dynamics of the living city. Uses are multiple and evolving. Constructions, plantations and paths create links between neighborhoods and topography. Natural spaces communicate between them though the movement of water and the interaction of biotopes."