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Auneuil (FR) - Winner

Ecole des Arts de la Terre

Associates: Alice Barthélémy (FR) – architect, Olivier Chenevier (FR) – landscape architect, Rafael Comby (FR) – architect urbanist, Laura Desmaris (FR) – urbanist, sociologist, Diane Dusser (FR) – architect, sociologist, Karim Lahiani (FR) – landscaper, urbanist, geographer

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Rafael Comby, Olivier Chenevier, Laura Desmaris, Diane Dusser, Karim Lahiani, Alice Barthélémy

"Our project starts from a simple assessment:  modernity has altered the links that the inhabitants could formerly entertain with specific territories like the one in pays de Bray where the Auneuil site that was proposed for the competition is located. By promoting standardized way of living, our society has ended up impoverishing these rich and singular links (ways of building, of moving, of working, etc.) Through the multiple meetings we had (economic powers, inhabitants, etc.) we observed the disconnect in between the knowledge, the know-how, and the clay country. Of that history tied to the subsoil, there remain architectural marks. It then seemed evident to us to reveal those vestiges by including them in the future developments and purposes of the project, as the Boulenger factory which will be redefined as a Pottery School. "