E16 Portraits - From collage systems to ecosystem

Istres (FR) - Special Mention

From collage systems to ecosystem

Associate: Nicholas Diddi (IT) – architect 
Contributors: Charles Tassy (FR) – sociologist, Nicolas Wielgosik (FR) – architect, Florian Tassy (FR) – interior architect, Leonardo Lunardelli (IT) – student in architecture

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"The question is: how can we imagine a new site life once the students leave the college? Many services are organised around the school and we knew that this kind of site is perfect for the activities for people with mental disturbs. We often think that when a person is disturbed, he cannot have a normal life. Wrong. A lot of pathologies can be treated and the patient can finally socialise, work, play, he is a part of society again. We finally proposed a living cities for all the citizen of Istres, where diversity can be seen as a resource."