E16 Portraits - Gold Line

Carouge (CH) - Winner

Gold Line

Associates: Marc de Tassigny (CH), Leonhard Kanapin (CH), Kim Pittier (CH), Stefania Malangone (CH) – architects, Félix Brüssow (DE), Nicolas Waechter (FR) – landscape architects, Oriane Martin (CH) – geographer, urban planner

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"The Fontenette district suffers from being a peripheral district with occasional uses or that one only passes through. The "Gold line" project redevelops underused spaces and offers the opportunity to live and experience the Fontenette district and the banks of the Arve in a new way. We imagine the living city as a revitalization of the territory by relying on the landscape and the Arve riverbank, by reconnecting the different districts and by programming new activities."