E16 Portraits - Jardin de Repos

Brussels (BE) - Special Mention

Jardin de Repos

Associates: Manuel Léon Fanjul (BE), Léone Drapeaud (FR), Johnny Leya (BE) – architects

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"Despite the aged population increasing steadily over the past century, no major cultural shifts have been operated to better include senior citizens. Aged care is more often than not an ethical scandal. Overpriced and over-medicalised care homes completely disregard the personal development of their residents – not to mention their dignity. With retirement currently at 65 years and an average lifespan of 81, we nowadays spend around 20% of our lives as « old people ». As they age, many people disappear from public and social life as they feel increasingly out of touch with the world. Without idealizing the narrative of respect due to elders, senior citizens have a right to meaningful care infrastructure. Our society, its cities and its spaces must adapt to this significant and valuable population group."