E16 Portraits - LABO RABO

Grenoble (FR) - Winner


Associates: Cynthia Bonnefille (FR) – architect, Alice Riegert (FR), Marguerite Charles (FR), Floriant Bonny (FR), Maxime Bardou (FR), Guaspard Bégué (FR) – landscapers

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Team Portrait

"Located between the plain and the mountains, the Rabot is a piece of the city that questions the notion of balance : between human and non-human, activity and refuge, leisure and work, accessible and inaccessible...
We answered the programmatic subject with a field approach and a historical reading of the relation between the Rabot and the rest of the city. Our position towards the site is not intended to be nostalgic or retrospective, but rather to draw on what the site has been, while projecting itself into a contemporary issue that combines several scales and actors."