E16 Portraits - Niort, Port Terrestre

Niort (FR) - Winner

Niort, Port Terrestre

Associates: Léonard Cattoni (FR) – landscape and urban planner, Emmanuelle Blondeau (FR) – urban and landscape architect, Charline Rollet (FR), Manon Bonicel (FR) – architects

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"We have formulated five strategies for the mutual enhancement of the city, nature and agriculture to define a new spatial vision but also new uses and access to the fringes of the conurbation of Niort:
1. The large park of the valleys of Niort, which makes it possible to reveal and protect the various valleys that cross Niort, to reconcile uses and biodiversity at the interface with the city and to create a reciprocal link between city and countryside
2. The land-sea axis, a panoramic route between urban, agricultural and palustrine landscapes, reclassified as a peaceful avenue supporting an ecological, multimodal and scenographic corridor
3. Ecotones, active and landscaped edges between suburban developments and fields
4. The loop of the Third Millennium, existing hiking trail enriched with artistic, cultural and gastronomic routes
5. Desirable city entrances, activity zones recycled into an urban ecosystem, a laboratory for circular and bioclimatic urban planning "