E16 Portraits - NY VÄG

Västerås (SE) - Special Mention


Associates: Catherine Dezio (IT), Michele Maria Riva (IT), Marta Rossena (IT) – architects

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"NY VÄG is an open and incremental system of public space for people to explore, learn, meet, experiment and imagine life in Mälarporten. We believe that our proposal may offer an answer to this session main topic because it is a hybrid solution between a process and a project. Indeed, the system we designed works as a metabolic infrastructure capable of welcoming new flows, ideas and inputs from the community, constantly adapting itself by developing new solutions for overcoming the condition of marginalization and inaccessibility, but also for showcasing new possibilities based on the unexpressed potentialities of the site and its identity. As a temporary experiment, the project also expects a permanent outline that is both people interaction and the relationship between the community and the city space."