E16 Portraits - Open Horizons

Roquetas de Mar (ES) - Special Mention

Open Horizons

Associates: Javier Irigaray (ES), Alvaro de Pascual (ES), Audrey Dubin (FR), Carlos López (ES) – architects, Deyo Maetzu (ES) – engineer-architect, Mara Equisoain (ES) – environmentalist

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"Open Horizons constitutes first of all an acknowledgment of a territory –Campo de Dalías– and a common resource lying beneath the plastic –the aquifer. Their life (measured in million years) spans way beyond the urban development of Roquetas de Mar, which evolved from a small village of 3800 inhabitants in 1950 to the second largest city of Almería nowadays. Many of the problems that the city is facing today may have their origin in this nevertheless outstanding growth. Open Horizons aims to place value and gain space for all that makes this territory alive: its mountains, its ravines, and wetlands; the paths crossed by many cultures; its existing public spaces; connecting the city to its extensive past and to a broader future."