E16 Portraits - River (S)trips

Bassens (FR) - Runner-up

River (S)trips

Associates: Marine Oudard (FR), Lydia Blasco Yubero (ES) – urbanist architects
Contributor: Benoite Daneels Le Fèvre (FR) – landscape architect

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Lydia Blasco Yubero and Marine Oudard

"With River (S)trips, a new strong and legible landscape structure, which starts from the inhabited plateau and reach to the river by crossing the port, we weave links, currently inexistent, between two fabrics that turn their backs on each other, between two radically different scales. These wide strips are imagined as «non-constructed» spaces allowing not only the port to continue to develop and to densify (outside these strips), while guaranteeing the space necessary to introduce new ecological, economic, energetic, social and cultural functions making it sustainable and innovative. "