E16 Portraits - SYMBIOTIC BOOM!

Bassens (FR) - Winner


Associates: Mikhalis Montarnier Michaeloudes (FR), Théodossis Montarnier Michaeloudes (FR), Paul De Cathelineau (FR) – architects, Kevin Michels (FR) – landscaper

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"The difficulty with the Bassens/Bordeaux project lies in a seemingly unsolvable paradox: how does one boost the on-site port and industry activities while simultaneously offering an equitable sharing of the land between companies and residents? We believe the answer to this conundrum lies in a remodeling of our production system. We need to make the switch from an economy based on property to an economy based on utility. Our team looked for spaces that could be multipurposed and thus shone a light on a collaborative archipelago which transforms waste into resources by enabling a collaboration between those already present, as well as any newcomers to the site. This is what we call a symbiotic economy."