E16 Portraits - Terre Glaz

Quimper (FR) - Special Mention

Terre Glaz

Associates: Gemma Milà Cartañá (ES), Jihana Nassif (BR) – architect urbanists, Corentin Berger (FR) – architect and designer, Irati Lasa Amo (ES), Rodrigo Apolaya Canales (PE) – architects
Contributor: Clara Espuny (ES) – student in architecture

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"Our approach understands the living as a transversal subject: first by the geographical and geological conditions and the natural resources that define the site of Quimper. Second, by the river and its confluences, followed by linear infrastructures, they connect the city to more distant territories. The Rive Parc relies on filling the gaps and qualifying these links that work hand by hand on the site. The equation of the living is completed by human’s contributions, aiming for a balanced cohabitation with its environment. The practice of ceramics, in a context of sharing and spreading know-how, allows us to reweave the link that connects us to a specific place and those that connect us to each other."