E16 Portraits - Vi[e]abiliser

Aulnat (FR) - Runner-up


Associates: Maxime Neuville (FR), Violette Soleilhac (FR) – architects, Tanguy Guyot (FR), Fabien Lamy (FR) – architects and urban planners

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"The creation of metabolic vitality is the first step of our project. This involves rebuilding the city around the natural elements that gave birth to it, the Artière and the Limagne plain. On the one hand, we are creating the conditions to reopen the river within the city by managing the risks and hazards in a calm manner, and on the other hand, we are working to limit the urban expansion on the Limagne plain by ensuring a new urban dynamism. Inclusive vitalities come next in the attention we give to each specific situation. The favouring the reuse of vacant buildings, regenerating abandoned urban areas and current surfaces, and favouring a programmatic mix enable a virtuous urban renewal."