E17 Portraits - Influencer Flod. A land from the beginning

Skellfteå (SE) - Runner-up

Influencer Flod. A land from the beginning

Associates: Isabella Trabucco (IT) – architect urbanist, Saverio Torzoni (IT) – landscape architect, Filippo Marconi (IT), Gioia Romani (IT) – architects, 
Contributor: Carlo Pisano (IT) - architect

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"The project conceives this area as a unique entity, made up of multiple aspects, such as water that flows and penetrates into the soil, plants that grow spontaneously, people and animals that move according to their instincts and needs; it also deeply studies the technical needs (soil remediation, transport, building sites). This has produced a sophisticated and repeatable design methodology in contexts where nature and man respectively claim their own spaces."