E14/E15 Inter-Sessions Forum


For information on the Workshop, the Forum program and Registrations, please contact Europan Europe



For information on the national delegation or on the specific fee given to the winning teams to participate to the Workshop and/or Forum, please contact the secretariat of the country:

- Europan Belgique – secretariat@europan.be
- Europan Deutschland – mail@europan.de
- Europan España – europan.esp@cscae.com 
- Europan France – contact@europanfrance.org
- Europan Hrvatska – info@europan.hr
- Europan Italia – contact@europan-italia.eu 
- Europan Nederland – info@europan.nl
- Europan Norge – post@europan.no
- Europan Österreich – office@europan.at
- Europan Polska – europan@europan.com.pl
- Europan Suisse – europan@bluewin.ch
- Europan Suomi-Finland – europan@europan.fi
- Europan Sverige – info@europan.se

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*Europan is an European network of architectural, urban planning and landscape ideas competitions for young designers who take care of inhabited milieus, and followed by implementation processes