Barcelona (ES)


Project scale L - urban + architecture

Location Barcelona, Nou Barris, Vallbona

Population 1,608,746 / 164,881 / 1,334 inhabitants

Strategic site 94 ha - Project site 16.5 ha 

Site proposed by Barcelona City Council / Urban Ecology

Actors involved Coordination, Barcelona City Council- Urban Ecology/ Territorial management: Besòs Consortium

Owner of the site public and private ownership

Commission after competition Planning and/or project Development, depending on the winning proposals

Team representative Architect - accompanied by biologist, environmentalist - landscaper

More Information

How can the site contribute to a productive city?

The proposed site is part of a desire to shape an urban area as a space for new housing and equipped urban agriculture. The goal is urban densification and urban production.
We regard the city as a diverse, mixed, active territory where production and housing should complement and be integrated with the immediate surroundings. The existence of land that is still available for agricultural uses in the urban areas around Barcelona is a great opportunity. At the same time, the project is working on improvements to the neighbourhood and its residential densification. Naturalization and production are appreciated as the basic thrusts of this urban renewal.

City strategy

Ideas should be developed to consolidate a mixed area with residential and equipped urban agricultural uses, as well as energy generation and water management. The proposals should take into account the appropriate conditions for sustainability and timetable for implementation. Ideas for the recovery of natural geographical elements and their complementarities with the city's major infrastructures, the neighbourhood’s own residential uses and the densification process will be particularly appreciated. Two pre-existing railway lines running parallel to the river must also be taken into account. They are currently being placed underground. There is a line at the top of an embankment that splits the territory and the project areas.

Site definition

Vallbona, an outer suburb of Barcelona, is part of the Nou Barris District. It is located near the Northern boundary of the municipality. It sits on a plain at the foot of a hill, on the South-East side of the Besós River in an area where the Collserola and Marina Hills, part of the Coastal Range, converge. This location is important in land planning terms, given that it is used as a strategic transit corridor by the city’s large-scale transport infrastructure, which separates the suburb from the rest of the municipality. It has a close relationship with the Can Sant Joan suburb, part of the Montcada i Reixac District, on the Northern slope of a hill known as Turó de Vallbona. In addition to their proximity, these two suburbs also share the alignment of the Rec Comtal canal, built in the 10th Century providing Barcelona with water, from springs near the Besós River. Today water still flows along the canal from its source down to Vallbona’s agricultural area, where the largest open-air sections of the canal can be found.
Huerta de la Ponderosa, agricultural farmland on the Vallbona plain that receives water from the Rec Canal, is a feature of the suburb, which wants to maintain and enhance this activity and also increase its production area. Bear in mind that this is the largest agricultural area in the Barcelona municipality, a key aspect in the promotion of healthy, responsible production and consumption in the city.

How is production inserted in the urban diversity programme?

The project area clearly incorporates production into an urban programme by means of the conservation and improvement of a large area of urban agriculture plots. The project is based on the proposal for a well-equipped, productive city that will encourage agricultural output, with several architectural elements to be built for supplementary facilities, energy generation and the proper management of the water cycle.
A residential densification process that complements the agricultural project and the existing suburb is also envisaged for the project area. In addition, land must be set aside for public facilities. The development of 300 to 350 new dwellings is proposed. This new development could accommodate a population of approx. 650 to 850 inhabitants, adding to the current population of almost 1,400.


Overview of the project site - different activities and typologies
Huerta de la Ponderosa: agricultural farmland


Vallbona City: an outer surburd of Barcelona
Rec Comtal Canal providing Barcelona with water

Questions on the site

Buenas, seria posible tener mas información sobre la nueva realización del trazado ferroviaria, como cotas de las dos lineas (R2-R3), sección tipo con situación terreno?

Would it be possible to have more information about the new realization of the railway line, as R2-R3 height, type section with ground situation?

Toda la documentación cartográfica disponible es la que se ha facilitado.

All available cartographic documentation has been provided.

The point 4-Brief (2) from the complete site folder appears to have missing or broken files.

The file has been replaced

Is it possible to move the Tapioles stream with a layout different from the one proposed?

¿Es posible desplazar el torrente Tapioles con un trazado diferente del propuesto?

It is possible if it is justified. The current layout corresponds to the historical one. Since it is a natural element, we think it would be advisable to recover it as much as possible.

Es posible si queda justificado. El trazado actual corresponde al trazado histórico y, al tratarse de un elemento natural, opinamos que sería recomendable recuperarlo en todo aquello que sea factible.

Is it possible to propose an alternative to the current proposal to locate the football field? 

¿Es posible plantear una alternativa a la actual propuesta de localización del campo de futbol?

The current position of the football field is modified according to the plans you can find in the site-brief and the agreements reached with the neighbors. Since the transfer has not yet occurred, we understand that a new proposal is possible if it is duly justified.

La actual posición del campo de fútbol queda modificada de acuerdo con los planos del Site-Brief y los acuerdos alcanzados con los vecinos. Ya que aún no se ha producido su traslado, entendemos que es posible una nueva propuesta si esta se justifica debidamente. 

Is it possible to design a street alternative to the one that connects Vallbona and Montcada?

¿Es posible una alternativa de trazado de la calle que conecta Vallbona y Montcada?

Yes, it is, but it must be duly justified. 

Si lo es, pero siempre que esté justificada debidamente.

Is it possible to modify the layout of some streets in the urban center of Vallbona, modifying also the alignments of existing houses? 

¿Es posible modificar el trazado de algunas calles del núcleo urbano de Vallbona modificando también las alineaciones de viviendas existentes?

The old core of Vallbona is not in the project site but in the study one. In our opinion, it can be considered if required by the project, although it is also our opinion that it would be an extra effort in the execution of the remodelling forecasts of the district that would hardly be acceptable.

El núcleo antiguo de Vallbona está excluido del área de proyecto y se encuentra en el área de reflexión. Consideramos que si el proyecto lo requiere se puede plantear, aunque también consideramos que sería un esfuerzo extra en la ejecución de las previsiones de remodelación del barrio que difícilmente seria asumible. 

Considering the population density projected for Vallbona, can a new train stop be conceived passing through this urban nucleus?

Considerando la densidad de población proyectada para Vallbona, ¿se puede concebir una nueva parada de tren a su paso por este núcleo urbano?

A new train stop in Vallbona is a historical claim of the neighbours of the district. We believe that it would be a good contribution to the accessibility to the city and would improve living conditions. However, the railway management company considers that there is not enough population, density of uses, to ensure the proper functioning of an installation of these characteristics. Therefore, it can be considered if required by the proposed project, taking management caution into account.

Una nueva parada de tren en Vallbona es una reivindicación histórica de los vecinos del barrio. Consideramos que sería una aportación correcta a la accesibilidad de este respecto a la ciudad y mejoraría las condiciones de vida. Sin embargo, la empresa gestora de los ferrocarriles considera que no hay suficiente población, densidad de usos, para asegurar el correcto funcionamiento de una instalación de estas características. Así pues, si el proyecto propuesto lo requiere, puede plantearse teniendo en cuenta las reservas de gestión.

Is it possible to create an access from the C-17 road? 

¿Es posible crear un acceso desde la carretera C-17?

It is possible if it can be justified technically and from the point of view of the project.

Es posible, si técnica y proyectualmente se puede justificar.

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