Forum of Results - Wien (AT) - Workshops

Europan workshops in Vienna (AT)

Profiting of the Europan 11 Forum of Results in Vienna in May 2012, Europan and the City of Vienna organized a workshop project with the winning teams of the session, i.e. 100 participants. The challenge was to define visions and strategies on 5 urban situations around 5 themes that returned to the themes of the winning ideas.
The teams were divided according to the main themes they had developed in their winning projects. This created a direct link between the ideas classified into 5 major themes and proposals for changes on 5 sites proposed by the City of Vienna.

In 4 days, each thematic group, around 10 winning teams, mixing different nationalities and points of view, produced 2 different scenarios on each site, offering strategic visions around the proposed themes and contexts.
Each group had a coach and local experts to help them build their scenarios in a short time.

These scenarios were presented during the Forum of Results, in the afternoon of Friday May 18th, highlighting the relationship between the winning ideas and scenarios on the Viennese sites. These visions were discussed with representatives of the City of Vienna and participants to the Forum.
You can find hereafter the results of the workshop: the 5 site files clicking on each site picture, and the 10 projects, clicking on each project picture.

  • Topic 1 - Reframing Shared Spaces
    Site: Main Station Area
    T1 Team 1 T1 Team 1 - More Streets for People
    T1 Team 2 T1 Team 2 - Parkology 3 Scenarios
  • Topic 2 - Linking with Uses
    Site: Adaklaaerstrasse
    T2 Team 1 T2 Team 1 - Magnets & Fields
    T2 Team 2 T2 Team 2 - Wild Wien
  • Topic 3 - Cultural interferences
    Site: Oberlaa
    T3 Team 1 T3 Team 1 - Heredity
    T3 Team 2 T3 Team 2 - Two Worlds
    T3 Team 3 T3 Team 3 - Limes
  • Topic 4 - Common Ressources
    Site: Berresgasse
    T4 Team 1 T4 Team 1 - Wien goes 22nd
    T4 Team 2 T4 Team 2 - Productive Collective Landscape
  • Topic 5 - Rhythms and Temporality
    Site: Atzgersdorf
    T5 Team 1 T5 Team 1 - Transworlds, rhythms of the strasse